The Information Source for Systems Testability and Diagnostics


AI—Inherent Availability

AO —Operational Availability

AoA—Analysis of Alternatives

AFMETCAL—Air Force Metrology and Calibration Program

ARC—Air Reserve Component

APB—Acquisition Program Baseline

ATE—Automatic Test Equipment

BCS —Baseline Comparison System

BIST—Built-In Self-Test

BIT—Built-In Test

BITE—Built-In Test Equipment

BIT/FD —Built-In-Test Fault Detection

CA—Criticality Analysis

CALS —Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support

CDR—Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support

CFE —Contractor Furnished Equipment or Customer Furnished Equipment

CFI —Critical Faults Identified

CM—Corrective Maintenance

CM—Configuration Management

CND—Can Not Duplicate

COMR—Communications Reliability

CONOPS —Concept of Operations

COTS—Commercial Off-the-Shelf

CPIN —Computer Program Identification Number

DO—Operational Dependability

DFT—Design for Test

DISN —Defense Information Switch Network

DRMP—Design Reference Mission Profile

DOC—Designated Operational Capability

DoD—United States Department of Defense

DT&E —Developmental Test and Evaluation

ESRT—Essential System Repair Time

FA—False Alarm

FAP—Functional Area Plan

EC—Enterprise Commander

ECP—Engineering Change Proposal

FD—Fault Detection

FHA—Functional Hazard Analysis

FI —Fault Isolation

FMC—Fully Mission Capable

FFMEA—Functional Failure Mode Effects Analysis

FMEA —Failure Mode Effects Analysis

FMECA —Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis

FR—Fault Resolution

FRACAS —Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System

FSL—Full System List

HM—Health Management

ICBM —Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

ID—Integrated Diagnostics

IETM—Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

IFR—In-flight Reliability

ILS—Integrated Logistics Support

IMPACTS—Integrated Manpower, Personnel, and Comprehensive Training and Safety

IRSP—In-Place Readiness Spares

ISO—International Standards Organization

IVHM—Integrated Vehicle Health Management

JCALS—Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support

LR—Launch Reliability

LRM—Line Replaceable Module

LRU—Line Replaceable Unit

LSA—Logistics Support Analysis

LSAR —LSA Record

MAJCO—MMajor Command

MAP—Mission Area Plan

MBR—Model Based Reasoner

MC —Mission Capable

MCMT—Mean Corrective Maintenance Time

MDT—Mean Downtime

MEFL—Mission Essential Functions List

MESL—Minimum-Essential Subsystem List

MLH/AH—Maintenance Labor Hours per Active Hour

MMH/FH—Maintenance Man-Hours per Flying Hour

MMH/LU—Maintenance Man-Hours per Life Unit

MMH/PH—Maintenance Man-Hours per Possessed Hours

MMT—Mean Maintenance Time

MMY/L—Maintenance Man Years per Launch

MNS—Mission Needs Statement

MP—Mission Profile

MP/U—Maintenance Personnel per Operational Unit

MR—Maintenance Ratio

MRS—Mobility Requirements Study

MRSP—Mobility Readiness Spares Package

MRT—Mean Repair Time

MSMT—Mean Scheduled Maintenance Time

MTBCF —Mean Time Between Critical Failure

MTBDE—Mean Time Between Downing Event

MTBF—Mean Time Between Failures

MTBM—Mean Time Between Maintenance

MTBMA—Mean Time Between Maintenance Actions

MTBPM—Mean Time Between Preventative Maintenance

MTBR —Mean Time Between Removal

MTBUM—Mean Time Between Unscheduled Maintenance

MTBSM—Mean Time Between Scheduled Maintenance

MTD—Maintenance Training Device

MTTF—Mean Time To Failure

MTTR —Mean Time To Repair

MTTRF—Mean Time To Restore Function

MTTRS—Mean Time To Restore System

NMC—Not Mission Capable

NMCB—Not Mission Capable Both

NMCM—Not Mission Capable Maintenance

NMCMU—Not Mission Capable Maintenance Unscheduled

NMCS—Not Mission Capable Supply

O&S—Operating & Support

OMS —Operational Mission Summary

ORD—Operational Requirements Document

OT&E—Operational Test and Evaluation

PDR—Preliminary Design Review

PH —Possessed Hours

PHM—Prognostic Health Management

PM —Preventive Maintenance

PMC—Partially Mission Capable

PMEL—Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

PSMP—Product Support Management Plan

R&M—Reliability & Maintainability

RAA —Required Asset Availability

RAM—Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

RAMS—Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Supportability

RBD—Reliability Block Diagram

RM&D —Reliability, Maintainability, and Deployability

RSP—Readiness Spares Package

R&D—Research and Development

Rm—Mission Reliability

RSR—Re-Entry System Reliability

RTOC—Reduction Total Ownership Costs

RTOK—Retest OK

SAR—Strategic Alert Reliability

SE—Support Equipment/System Engineering

SFE—Supplier Furnished Equipment

SHM—System Health Management

SIL—Software Integration Lab

SLA—Service Level Agreement

SM—Single Manager

SORAP—Source of Repair Assignment Process

SOW—Statement of Work

SPF—Single Point Failure

SPFM—Single Point Failure Mode

SRU—Shop Replaceable Unit


T&E—Test and Evaluation

TCTO —Time Compliance Technical Order

TO—Technical Order

TPS—Test Program Set

TRD—Test Requirements Document

UTE —Utilization

UR—Utilization Rate (as used in formulas)

UTR—Uptime Ratio

UUT—Unit Under Test

VHM —Vehicle Health Management

WSR —Weapon System Reliability

WUC—Work Unit Code